So This One Time in an Elevator...

Dec. 2, 2015- For our final meeting of the quarter, UWPRSSA was fortunate to host the Elevator Pitch Workshop with Elodie Fichet, UW grad and current doctorate student. Secondly, PRSSA officers discussed important details regarding national and regional conferences, new opening for an officer position, and blog submissions. And finally the meeting concluded with a committee activity.

As a communication major, it is vital to master the art of first impression. According to Fichet, a social technique known as the “elevator pitch” allows people to provide a “short summary (10-60 seconds) to quickly and simply introduce yourself,” which is especially useful when approaching someone of your interest, such as an employer. However, it is imperative to not confuse a summarized resume with an elevator pitch. Some of the most common mistakes people make are speaking for too long, talking in a scripted, unnatural fashion, and, of course, focusing on personal achievements- that’s what Linkden is for. Though it’s important to be professional, what you say must be congruent with the context.

In contrast of a bad pitch, Fichet deconstructed what a good example entails, which would be speaking about personal motivations, future goals, and making a more human connection with your audience. Simplicity is beauty, which is why the two C’s- clear and concise- are the values we should adhere to when giving a pitch. Instead of throwing jargons at your listener, try telling him/her your story. Yes, it works miraculously because it’s infinitely more interesting than rephrasing your resume. Create a conversation of why you’re passionate about what you do, make eye contacts, and make sure you follow up with an information interview.

Finally, the last advice Fichet gave us was the power pose. According to Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk, putting your hands on your own hips for a couple of minutes can bolster confidence. Here’s a link to her video regarding body posture and confidence:

Near the end of the meeting, officers grouped members into four committees: editorial, fundraising & community outreach, recruitment & event planning, and advertising & marketing. During this time, members were able to understand the functions of the chapter, as well as ask questions and learn how they could become more involved. One way students could contribute to PRSSA is by submitting articles to recapping our activities. This will be a great opportunity for members to build a portfolio as well as gain experience in PR writing.

On March 11-12, chapter members are invited to join the Next Generation of PR Regional Conference held at the California State University, Fullerton. On March 3-6, a repetitive from this chapter will be given the opportunity to attend the national assembly in Austin, which PRSSA will pay for hotel and registration costs. Finally regarding UWPRSSA, there will be an officer election for a secretary position for winter quarter. Contact to make a registration or apply as secretary.