Write Like a PR Pro

Member Spotlight | Author: Andrew Hill

As communications majors we can all agree on one thing: most of us don’t/didn’t know where to start. We’re aware that internships are great resume builders and necessary for finding a job, but the market is saturated with interns; this can be frustrating for PR novices because they fall in the bottom of the list compared to the more experienced applicants. Even an intern must be presentable or at least differentiate him/herself from others to be a desirable candidate, but how can you leave any positive impression with an empty portfolio?

If you can relate to this, don’t worry- there’s a way out of this cycle.

In the School of Visual Concepts, a class called Writing for PR is being offered. The instructor, Scott Janzen, is a PR master with over 30+ years working in PR, marketing, and many other fields. In his class, students are given the opportunity to develop a portfolio under his guidance. In addition to the portfolio, you can improve your overall writing as well.  Students in SVC study and practice AP format, which is imperative to PR, but often exclusively taught in journalism school. Students also explore various writing styles, such as press releases, blogs, ghost writing, media pitches, etc., which are carefully critiqued by Mr. Janzen.

Another great advantage students have is networking. Mr. Janzen is an estimable and well known practitioner in the PR world, so he is a strong reference to have. Mr. Janzen also invites guest speakers to his classes, who share valuable advices in becoming a professional. Remember it’s not only about what you know, but also who you know. Even students who attend his classes are often journalists or PR professionals, which is a great environment to be in to meet other aspirants like you. 

If you’re a busy student, keep in mind the class is only held once a week in a nine-week period. I highly recommend anyone to take this class because now I have a richer resume, a fatter portfolio, and a longer contact list. If you’re in need of professional guidance, do yourself a favor and enroll in this class.  

PRSSA Members can now enroll in the class for a discounted price! Keep an eye on your email for an exclusive code to use at registration. 

For more information visit svcseattle.com/classes/writing-for-public-relations/