3 Tips for Writing a Killer Job Application

By Audrey Klackner

Last month almost 1,000 students from around the country gathered in Indianapolis eager to learn about the public relations industry. As a senior getting closer and closer to graduation every day, one session that I knew I couldn’t miss was “How to Write a Killer Job Application,” by Danny Rubin. This was hands down one of the most helpful sessions I went to, so I’m going to share what I learned. Here are the three ways to make your job application stand out:

1.     Quantify, Quantify, Quantify:

Employers are looking for numbers in your resume and your cover letter. With only one page to show off your skills and experience it’s crucial to make each bullet point count. To do this ask your self: how much, how many, and how often. For example, how many campaigns did you plan, how often did you complete a certain task, or how much did you increase XYZ? This will make your application as competitive as possible.

2.   Do your research:

This is obvious, but dig deeper and get more specific when you’re doing your research. You should know a lot about the company and have specific examples that show why you are interested in them. Make sure you are able to tell them why these examples relate to you and your experiences. This is a great way to get an employers attention when you initially reach out to them via email or LinkedIn. 

3.    Tell your story: 

Many of us have been taught to start our cover letters with “Hi my name is XYZ and I’m applying for the position of XYZ,” and then go on to list why we are a good fit. It’s time to stop writing like everybody else. Everyone has their own story to tell. Your story is much more interesting for recruiters to read and more likely to land you and interview.

To tell your story think of a challenging task or obstacle you have had to overcome within your professional career. It can be a daunting task, a huge project, or a time something went wrong and you had to made it work. Just think of that moment and use that to tell a story in your cover letter. Start the cover letter with your story and build off that experience to show why you are a great candidate for the job.  

With these tips you should be set to rock your next job/ internship application. Do you have any other great tips that have worked for you? Tweet them to us at @UWPRSSA!