PR in today’s industries: B2B, Sales, Technology, Creative and Marketing Agencies


As we were wrapping up Fall 2017,  we welcomed new students to become part of the UW PRSSA, brought in professional speakers who shared their personal stories, and proved how they have successfully traversed the nitty-gritty of their public relations experience. We are learning to recognize the belief that PR is definitely a growing industry today, not just in itself, but  for other industries as well.

For the past 2 months, the UW PRSSA had the following speakers: Ty Rogers, Director of Communication at Amazon, Mark Howley, CEO of Pacific Bag Inc., Chelsey Nelson, a UW alumni who is now working at Yesler, a B2B Marketing Agency, and upcoming is our very own Delaney Berreth, PR and Marketing Coordinator at the Pacific Science Center. Every year opportunities to re-discover and amplify our public relations knowledge are made possible through charismatic professionals, offering not only their expertise in PR, but also shared advice on what young professionals should look out for and how to become better prepared in the job market. In any career choice, the integration of PR is a determinant of success.

Public relations is what we can call the ‘bargain between individuals and industries’ — with an exponentially attractive and demanding consumer market in Seattle and elsewhere, PR will drive the growth of every industry and success reflects back to the PR individual as well. Whether in science or business, in which PR metrics is involved, in restaurant and retail where social and digital marketing is a must, and even to industries such as packaging and tourism, where PR affects consumer loyalty, a great PR background proves to be very useful. (Delaney Berreth, a UW alumni, will share how she landed her current job as a marketing coordinator at Pacific Science Center, just by being part of UW PRSSA on November 9, 2017)

The industries today that attract young professionals are so diverse and demanding, that every company will be highly selective in the future and look for a PR person that can use the wide range of PR skills -- content creation, to digital marketing, to data-driven tasks. As we are embracing new industries today,  the PR  business is growing amidst criticisms and doubts about it. 

It's good to note that PR is this multi-dimensional field that is involved in every decision or step of a company. A good PR campaign will inevitably have benefits that will always outweigh the costs. Make sure that you have the right information, explore your opportunities and not miss out on them, and closely observe which industries you want to work for while in college. Build your skill set and if you feel lost, don't fret. Even PR professionals ask for help and their success depends on other resources as well.

In the light of a transforming landscape in Seattle and the world, UW PRSSA has the resources UW students need to engage in PR with Seattle-based, self-made, and goal-driven PR professionals. We also hold company tours that are fun, informational, and also opens opportunities to those looking to work for companies such as Microsoft, Starbucks, and many more. PR success in this competitive and growing market for the millennial generation starts with having the information you need and using it to your advantage.