UW PRSSA opens FALL 2017: Need PR training? Start here, Dawg!

Announcement: MEET, GREET, and JOIN! 

OCT. 5, 2017 @ COM 230 from 6:00 - 7:00 pm


Pubic Relations 101: PR training in college counts, but where to start?

Francheska S. Pondevida, VP of Public Relations

From having a great BIG idea for a startup campaign to collaborating with a team to design a business or product, or as simple as reaching out and making beneficial relationships out there, Public Relations or PR professionals are the tools we need to grow our networks. The question for college students: How do you do PR that will translate to professional work as early as now?

Students with no prior knowledge of PR especially if they are in a non-communication related field, can think broadly of PR in relation to myths such as ‘selling’. If this thought persists as a general idea of a person about PR, it becomes difficult to reap the benefits of PR and what it can do for a college student in the future. What is PR anyway? Here are some perspectives borrowed from ‘Actionable Marketing Guide’, a weekly online newsletter written by an expert in the field, Heidi Cohen:

PR connects a brand and its public via direct messages or editorial media including print, broadcast, radio, digital, video or social media.” - Lisa Buyer
“PR is still about building relationships with the people who can convey that third party endorsement.” - Toby Bloomberg
“PR is a mix of journalism, psychology and lawyering – it’s an ever-changing and always interesting landscape.” – Ronn Torossian, Founder & CEO 5WPR
“Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” - Public Relations Society of America


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...Hence, debunk the myth of PR by recognizing that there's more to it and not only specific to certain career choices! The skill of PR is in everything. It is not easy to communicate something effectively and many people do shy away from this task. So first things first, how do you start your PR training while at the UW? Here’s a checklist:

1. Join UW PRSSA, connect with other members, attend events, and get tips from professional speakers from various fields

2. Participate in your community and contact a list of organizations you would be interested in. A good website to take note of: http:// www.iloveseattle.org/networking-guide/nav-main-community/search-seattle- groups-events.asp. Make it a point to contact people, write and organize information on what you find, and show interest by getting back to people as soon as you can.

3. Be PROACTIVE — the University of Washington has a lot of resources in itself. Make your education count by always taking the extra mile to be involved. Go around campus and make it a point to visit offices.

Through doing some basic DIY steps like these and keeping active, you are on the way to unleashing the future PR professional in you. Remember, this is an important gem to have in any career and many people regret not having that PR training. Go Dawg.